​Dr. Kathleen (Katie) Jepson
Postodoctoral Research Associate


Dr. Kathleen (Katie) Jepson's research focuses on describing prosodic structure including phonological patterns of word-level prosody and intonation and the effects of prosody on the phonetics of segments. She is interested in exploring similarities and differences in aspects of speech prosody cross-linguistically, particularly through investigating under-resourced languages and dialects.


Katie attained her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2019, supervised by Prof. Janet Fletcher, Dr. Ruth Singer and Dr. Hywel Stoakes. Working with Yolŋu in northeast Arnhem Land in northern Australia, Katie described aspects of the prosodic system of Djambarrpuyŋu. Her undergraduate training at the Australian National University under Dr. Bethwyn Evans involved contributing to the primary description of Torau, an Oceanic language of Bougainville, autonomous region of Papua New Guinea.


Beyond academic endeavours, Katie has co-taught at summer schools and collaborated in creating a programme of linguistics-themed workshops for high school students called the Linguistics Roadshow.