Dr. Cong Zhang
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr. Cong Zhang's research mainly focuses on aspects about speech prosody (such as intonation and lexical tone), using a variety of approaches including:


  • Phonetics and Phonology (Laboratory Phonology)

  • Psycholinguistics

  • Language Acquisition


She finished her DPhil studies (viva-ed on 1st May 2018) at the Language and Brain Lab, University of Oxford. Her DPhil thesis, supervised by Professor Aditi Lahiri, was about the intonational tunes in a tonal language — Tianjin Mandarin. She received her Master’s degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Newcastle University (UK). There, she worked on a number of projects including child language acquisition, second language acquisition, Mandarin lexical tone perception, etc. For her undergraduate degree, she studied Translation and Interpreting at Beijing Foreign Studies University (China). Following her DPhil, she worked as a TTS linguist (Linguistics Engineer) in A-Lab at Rokid Inc. One of her major projects was Singing Synthesis (text-to-singing). 


For more information, please visit https://congzhanglinguist.wordpress.com/