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GRIN: GRadience in INtonation
Lisbon, 27 May 2022

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on different aspects of intonation or adopting different perspectives to discuss how to best handle the issues of gradience, variability and categoriality in intonation.

Click on programme to see invited speakers and commentators. In-person registration for the workshop is now closed, but if you are interested in attending online, please email us at

You can also find the information about this workshop on the Sociolinguistics Events Calendar.

Feira de Ladra

The aim of the workshop is to address the following main research questions:

a.      How can we best understand the effects of gradience on intonation? Is all gradience paralinguistic? Is gradience the same as variability? Are they distinct? If the latter, how can we disentangle the effects of gradience from those of variability in the realization of intonation?

b.      How can we handle variability in the realization of intonation? What are the sources of variability in intonation? How can we deal with variability across languages and linguistic varieties? Do we need to incorporate variability in formal models? If so, how? If not, how can it be modelled and predicted in production? How should we study its effects in the processing of intonation?

c.       How can we determine intonation categories? Do such categories exist, and if so, what are best practices for establishing them? Should research on intonation categories rely on production, perception or a combination of both? Are such categories language specific, or universal?

Invited speakers 

Mary Baltazani

Jonathan Barnes, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Alejna Brugos, & Nanette Veilleux

Jason Bishop

Jennifer Cole

Martine Grice

Nicole Holliday

Jelena Krivokapić

Pilar Prieto


Amalia Arvaniti

Carlos Gussenhoven

Bob Ladd

Tamara Rathcke*

*Due to personal circumstances,  Mariapaola D'Imperio will not be able to join us. We thank Mariapaola D'Imperio for her willingness to do the commentary originally and for Tamara Rathcke for stepping in.

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