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Our project includes four locations in the UK and in Greece, chosen because they present differences of interest within each language but also comparable phenomena across languages, allowing for both inter-dialectal and cross-linguistic study

Greater London Area

We included the Greater London Area because uptalk is considered an innovation here, while high pitch accents are typical for British English.



Athenian is the standard variety of Greek. We are investigating high accents and questions, which will be compared to the same phenomena in Corfu.


Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle and surrounding areas are included because uptalk routinely replaces falls in declaratives. This allows us to investigate uptalk but also raises questions about the use of high accents typical in falling declaratives.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Famous Millennium bridge at night. Illuminated landmarks with riv


Corfiot Greek was selected because its inventory of high accents and its tunes for polar questions differ in systematic ways from those of Standard Greek.

Image by Alexandra
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