The SPRINT team currently includes five main staff members, Amalia Arvaniti (PI), Kathleen Jepson and Cong Zhang (post-docs), Georg Lohfink and Bryony Dutta (technical and administrative officers respectively). There are also two senior staff members, Yiya Chen, and Chris Cummings who will be working with us on pragmatics and perception. Click on the images to see staff profiles.


Meet the SPRINT team; click on images to see who's who



SPRINT is the acronym of grant ERC-ADG-835263 titled "Speech Prosody in Interaction: The form and function of intonation in human communication". SPRINT is a 5-year (2019-2024) €2,481,196 research program funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Amalia Arvaniti is the Principal Investigator. 


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